Menu Plan Monday: Gettin’ Back To It

Our household has been a chaotic mess for the last couple months. The man of the house started working a bunch of overtime. Then we had house guests. Then even more overtime kicked in for my already tired spouse.

It went from just being my little lady and I most of the time to a crowded house of craziness. When our guests left, it suddenly got very quiet with J being gone an additional 10 hours a week, pushing his total weekly hours to 90. Yes, 90. If you’re curious, that’s 5 sixteen hour days and 1 ten hour day. At least that’s how he’s been breaking it down.

We have been expecting craziness like this for awhile and it did build up gradually from 50 hours a week, which is a standard work week in his industry. And because the company he works for is a good one, they provide dinner for the staff that work overtime.

Because he hasn’t been coming home for dinner, I have gotten super lazy about cooking. So yesterday, we bought a microwave to make heating up leftovers easier. So now I should really make more than toast, grilled cheese and PB&J’s for dinner.

As I was planning my menu for the week, I was clearly craving soup. Most likely because it has been rainy, windy and super cold. And I love how they’re easy to get started during nap time and are ready when we are.

Mon: Salmon fillet with marmalade-dijon glaze, veg, maybe potatoes
Tues: Broccoli cheese soup, sourdough bread
Wed: Chicken soup, sourdough bread
Thur: Leftovers
Fri: Potato leek soup
Sat: No clue, probably leftovers
Sun: J’s request, tbd

I’ll post our favorite recipe of the week on Sunday.

Want to share what you’re making this week? Head over to Org Junkie’s site and link up! Also, I’d love to know what you make for dinner when it’s just you or you and a little one. Please share with me in the comments. I will really appreciate it! Thanks!


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