Hi. I’m Back

My vacation from my blog is over.

The last 7 weeks in a nutshell:

• I entertained my in-laws for 3 weeks. So much fun. So much to write about.
• I lost just over 10 pounds with Weight Watchers online. That’s right, 10 pounds. With guests and vacation eating. I’m really close to my first goal and am hoping to hit it on my birthday weigh-in.
• I thought about this blog and if I wanted to keep it going. In short, I do. But things are going to be different around here.
• *TMI* I had my first after-baby period. Holy shit what a bloodbath that was.
• My husband working 80 hours a week. That has proven to be quite challenging for all three of us in many ways. Expect a post or two about that soon.

Regarding this blog, I needed to figure out if I’d miss blogging and Kiwiverse. I did miss writing here. What posts did I miss the most? Hands down, recipe posts. My love of recipe blogging was discovered when I was posing over at Soup or Salad Blog. I absolutely adore it. It brought me a lot of joy. I also pinpointed the posts I didn’t enjoy so much. So they’re out. I may change the name of this space to a more foodie name, I may not. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll get it sorted in due time.

My feelings got hurt right before my blogging hiatus. It was bad. Really, really bad. And I had to get over it before I started up again. Or I would have talked about what a raging asshole this person was being for the entire internet to see. Which I do not have much of a problem with, it’s not like I have thousands of readers. But, it’s not nice. And I don’t want to be an ass because someone was being an ass to me. That’s not how I roll.

All I will say is you got lucky, ass-hat. I can hardly wait to hear that karma caught up with you and gave you a big phat dose of your own medicine.


About Jody

I am a wife. A mom. A newbie to New Zealand. I cook, I clean and am working on getting healthy. I am obsessed with coffee, love watching Burn Notice, and am happiest when (good) music is playing. View all posts by Jody

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