WW: Wk 2 Update

Week 2 Graph

This post is a few days “late” because I took the advice of a WW leader and switched my weigh in day. After a little bit of talking she suggested making the actual weekend the beginning of my weight watchers week. If I go over my daily points, no big deal because I still have all my weekly points to fall back on and she believes that binge had a lot to do with J being home and my wanting him not to have to “suffer” for me being on the program.

Since it made sense, I decided to switch my weigh in day to Thursdays.

She also told me to log everything from last weekend. To “make it real”.

And I did.

I logged everything from pizza & fried stuff Friday. Plus the drinks from Saturday. And the big mac on Sunday. And I didn’t go over in points. It’s true. I had enough in my weekly bank of points to cover it. I didn’t even have to use any of my activity points, which was a nice and unexpected surprise.

I lost .2 of a pound.

I’m sure that my loss would have been better without that crap but it wasn’t as catastrophic as I thought it was going to be. I ate it, I spent a couple of days feeling all bloaty and nasty from all the salt and it’s over.

I’m glad it happened. I focused on moving more this week. And I learned that a couple of off-days aren’t the end of the world.


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