I have to weigh in tomorrow. I don’t want to. Not even a little bit. Each and every time I’ve been on weight watchers, I’ve gained my second week.

I was so worried about it this week, I made a super low point veggie soup to have for lunches and I stuck to fruit for breakfast for the most part. But this ultimately backfired. And it led to me not using enough of my daily points each day. 4 of the 5 weekdays this week, I had over 10 points left over.

And come Friday, I was tired. Damn tired. So tired, I refused to cook.

And this is where the self sabotage begins.

I ordered a pizza and potato wedges – because chips or wedges are offered at ALL pizza joints here. And churros. Which come with a thick ooey gooey chocolate dipping sauce. And these deep fried corn ball things that we hadn’t had before.


Don’t judge.

We were effing hungry.

And I finished the night with two drinks. My husband has perfected my ideal white Russian. Vodka, Kahlua and a touch of milk. I’m not a fan of the cream in them. Too thick for me. Even with the milk instead of cream they are not a point friendly beverage.

This morning I decided to log everything.


74 points used for the day. And that’s not even counting the deep fried corn ball things. It would seem that the people at weight watchers figure that anyone in their program wouldn’t eat deep fried corn. Shows how much they know.

So in an attempt to kick ass this week, I set myself up to fail by not eating  and resting enough. Dammit.

I’ll see how bad it is Monday morning.

Honestly though, I’m glad that I made the veggie soup. It was good and I’ll post the recipe here, just in case anybody out there happens to be looking for a for a tasty veggie soup. It was basic and versatile.  And filling.

Week 3 will be better.


About Jody

I am a wife. A mom. A newbie to New Zealand. I cook, I clean and am working on getting healthy. I am obsessed with coffee, love watching Burn Notice, and am happiest when (good) music is playing. View all posts by Jody

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