Fat Camp

It’s February.

January flew by and I made hardly a dent in my 2011 goals. Heh.

Exercise just isn’t happening right now.

But I cut out nearly all fast food, cut back on soda, and we don’t eat processed/packaged foods anymore.

And even with those changes, February measurements are not significantly different to the ones I took in the beginning of January.

I’m doing something wrong.

I decided I needed help. I asked my husband to buy a scale. And I joined Weight Watchers online, also known as fat camp in our house. Did you know I got kicked out of fat camp once? Yup. When I got pregnant with my daughter I was enrolled and losing weight. And they threw my ass out.


Day One

Having a scale in my home makes me nervous. I get obsessive about the number. I weigh myself more often than I should.

But I need to figure out what I’m doing wrong. And I need help. And if I can’t squeeze in a walk now there is no damn way I’m going to be able to get across town to a Weight Watchers meeting.

I’m not ready to share my weight. However, I am so far into the 200’s that the 100’s aren’t even visible on my graph. OOF! I’ll share, I will. Just not right now. I’m feeling pretty horrible right now.

Weight Watchers has decided that my initial goal will be to lose 5% of my starting body weight. I’m good with that. I’ll post my weekly graph here.

I still need to read through all of the new program details but I’m happy that the new PointsPlus program has changed some things. Calories are no longer used to figure points. Bananas are zero points. Woot! I always hated that I could eat a pack of “diet” cookies for less points than a banana. Thank goodness that’s been changed because that drove me nuts.

Are you on Weight Watchers? How do you like the new program? I’d love to hear from you!


About Jody

I am a wife. A mom. A newbie to New Zealand. I cook, I clean and am working on getting healthy. I am obsessed with coffee, love watching Burn Notice, and am happiest when (good) music is playing. View all posts by Jody

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