17 Months. Already?!?

I’m not sure how it has happened so quickly but Lauren will be 17 months old tomorrow. Which makes her almost a year and a half old. I can hardly believe it. People everywhere I went told me how quickly she’d grow up.

I guess I didn’t believe them though. Because I see this little girl and wonder where my little bitty baby went.

She’s been growing by leaps and bounds the last few weeks and she’s had quite a language boom in the last month. Plus, her little attitude is totally beginning to show. She gives a fantastic ‘what the heck are you lookin’ at’ look that I haven’t been able to capture on film yet.

In 10 years I probably won’t be as tickled by that look but right now it’s hilarious.

And I love, love, LOVE how her hair is starting to grow in. And how it’s curly. And that it sticks out. And how it makes her look like a little mad scientist.

My Little Mad Scientist


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