Progress Report: Week 3

It’s almost February. I’m not ready for it to be February because I haven’t made as much progress in January as I had wanted to. I’m doing OK though, I’m not freakin’ out. Yet. I can do this. I know I CAN do it. I’m totally capable of doing it. I’ve lost a significant amount of weight not once but twice in my life. I was hoping to never be here again. But here I am.

I know HOW to do it. Hell, I think 90% of chubby folks know how. Eat less crap. Move more. Drink lots of water.

But there is a missing piece. At least there is for me. I need to get, and keep, my head in the game.

Last week I totally failed at staying focused on my goals. I kept getting sucked into the various dramas around me. Mainly twitter drama. I generally log out when I see negativity because I get obsessively wrapped up in it. And the last thing I need on top of adjusting to living in a new country and having a toddler trying to pop out some molars is drama. Life is too short to be pissed all the time.

So Friday I said, later crazy tweeps. May life bring you all of the drama you seek. But I’m out. I got enough of that crap in junior high to last a lifetime, thankyouverymuch. I felt pretty good after my unfollowing spree.

I noticed today that my house is not as clean as it had been. Turns out when I spend a ton of time logged in to twitter and facebook, I don’t clean my house as well, or as often. Heh.

L seems happier too. I guess that alone is a good reason to log out. Even if we’re just dancing in the living room to the music channel, The Wiggles or something in iTunes. I love taking the time to be with her. She’s only going to be little for so long and I think I may hate myself forever if I spend it with one eye on my computer screen and the other on her. I should really be enjoying this time while I’m lucky enough to have it.

Week 4 is going to be about refocusing my efforts. As well as introducing weekly goals. If nothing else, hopefully they’ll help me stay focused. I also want to try to find a ticker that doesn’t hate wordpress so I can track my results easily here, for all to see.

Week 4 goals:
* drink more water, at least 64 oz, at least 4 days
* log some KM, even if it’s only 1, at least 3 days

I’d love to hear how you stay motivated. Or any tricks/tips you have to fitting in exercise in your life. Or if you know of a great place that has tickers that are wordpress compatible (I prefer the ones that aren’t all cartoony) that would be awesome. Anyone out there have the new iPod nano? I’m curious about the pedometer function. If you’ve got one, please leave me a comment about it!


About Jody

I am a wife. A mom. A newbie to New Zealand. I cook, I clean and am working on getting healthy. I am obsessed with coffee, love watching Burn Notice, and am happiest when (good) music is playing. View all posts by Jody

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