2011 is Almost Here

I simply can not believe that are so few days left in 2010.  This year flew by with record speed. It has been a crazy busy but good year.

I tend not to make resolutions because I’m horrible at sticking to them.  I’m generally good for the first couple of months but come April I’ve usually abandoned them for one reason or another.  Perhaps this year will be different.

Both my husband and I made Lauren a promise the day she was born that we would get healthier.  The night before she was born my husband had his last cigarette. He kept his promise.  I have had a more difficult time.  I am more healthy than I was before I got pregnant.  I have almost completely cut out fast food, stopped drinking diet soda and I cook at home more often than we eat out.  I have lost some weight.  But not enough.  According to those charts they show at the docs office, I still have quite a bit to go before I’m at a healthy weight.  And I have to shed this excess weight to take the strain off of my heart.

I have this horrible fear that if I don’t get my health in check my little girl is going to grow up without me.  This isn’t completely insane of me.  My father died on New Years Day just over 30 years ago now.  Every single year I think about him and this year is no exception.  I’m nearly the age he was when he had that fatal heart attack. I don’t want to miss my little girl growing up.  I want to play with her in the park, teach her how to roller skate and ride bikes and be there to hold her tight when she has her heart broken for the first time by some stupid little turd.

I don’t want to miss it.  None of it.  Not even those years where she’ll hate me because I’m being too strict and will scream at me that I don’t understand what she’s going through.

In 2011 I resolve to take more steps along the right path of being a healthy person. No more cookies for dinner. No more tater tot and soda lunches. I’ll even try not to skip breakfast. Also, no more talking smack about myself in my head. My self esteem needs a MAJOR overhaul.

I don’t own a scale and don’t even currently have a tape measure so I’m not yet sure how I’ll track my progress. Perhaps I’ll go buy a tape measure. I don’t want to become obsessed with numbers on a scale. Been there, done that. Twice.

I will post my progress here, probably once a week. I’ll also be experimenting with weekly posts that may help me stay focused. If you have any tips or suggestions, I would love to hear what you have to say!


Lauren playing in the field of a local school


About Jody

I am a wife. A mom. A newbie to New Zealand. I cook, I clean and am working on getting healthy. I am obsessed with coffee, love watching Burn Notice, and am happiest when (good) music is playing. View all posts by Jody

4 responses to “2011 is Almost Here

  • Natalie

    I am totally 100% with you on this. I never make resolutions, but my body image needs a major overhaul and I do have extra weight I need to take off. Not so I will look hot in a bikini, but so I will be a good, healthy role model for my daughters.

    We can do it!

    • kumquatsicle

      Thank you for commenting! It was such a difficult post for me to write. And I agree, we CAN do it!! It’s great to know that you’ll be out there changing as well. I’d love to hear what ends up working well for you!

      Happy soon to be New Year, Natalie. I’m really happy you stopped by.

      All the best!

  • themanager

    i’m here for ya! i want to lose weight for the same reason. to be healthy! if i end up looking like a hottie, well then BONUS! but, i need to focus on getting healthy & changing my life habits. less snacks, more water, going for walks.

    i will be posting the McKFatty Monday every week so feel free to link up & post your progress & your problems. i need all the supoort i can get & i will support you right back!

    • kumquatsicle

      Bonus indeed! I would love it if that happened but that is no longer my goal. I want my daughter to see a momma with a positive view of herself so I need to be proud of my body, not hate it.

      I was on the fence with McFatty Monday because there is also a Menu-planning Monday that I was toying with joining. Maybe I can actually become organized enough to do both!

      I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your progress. I’m here if you ever need me!

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