Home Sweet … Hotel(s)

When we first arrived in Wellington, we didn’t have a place to live. We were going to be staying in the City Life hotel while looking for a place to settle in. We had two weeks paid for by my husbands employer and hoped that that would be all we needed before we could move in to our new place.

Here is a photo tour of our room at the City Life Hotel:

View from the entryway

Our super cozy yet comfy living area. We had a TV with 8 channels for our viewing pleasure and a DVD player. The hotel rooms are essentially underground so we didn’t really have a view but it shields the rooms from the crazy wind that is so common in Wellington.

The bathroom was awesome. There was a huge tub/shower, heated towel racks, washer/dryer and really nice smelling soaps.

The bathroom was huge.

We even had a kitchen that had a 2 burner cook top, microwave, toaster, water kettle and an oven. I didn’t really take advantage of it the way I should have. I pretty much cooked tater tots, made toast and drank a lot of tea.


The bedroom in our suite was great. The bed was comfortable and the room was big enough for us to store all of our luggage (5 good sized bags) and hold a portacot without looking messy. Speaking of the portacot – I would love to find one that looks just like it and buy it. I think it’s the cutest portable bed I have ever seen. Unfortunately, I have not yet found one. I have a hunch by the time I do find one I won’t need one anymore.


I love this portacot and think it's adorable. I would like to buy one but can't find one for sale.

Pretty, huh?

We found the house we wanted to rent fairly quickly but it wasn’t going to be ready by the time we were scheduled to leave. We needed to find somewhere to stay for an additional 10 days. We stayed the one place there was vacancy for 10 days in a row because we didn’t want to shuffle Lauren around too much. We got a 1 room “apartment style” room. They called it a 1 room apartment style but they’re insane. The entire place was smaller than the bedroom at the City Life. No joke.

I thought I had some photos of that room but I can’t seem to find any now. Maybe I didn’t take any. Maybe my camera ate them. I honestly could not say. The only good thing about that place was Lauren started happily putting things on her head. All the time. Like the time she pulled off her pants and her diaper. Then put her pants on her head and settled down to watch TV while I was making toast for our breakfast.



The second hotel we stayed at we hated. Pretty much every single thing about it. We paid out the nose to park, get unreliable internet and had to endure a horrible mixture of strong, stale spices mixed with the foulest body odor you could imagine in the hallway. Needless to say we were thrilled when the 10 days there were up and we got to move into our rental house.


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