Internet Withdrawl

I am addicted to the internet. I window shop. I enjoy following my twitter stream. I play FarmVille because I love all the little animals and I love that Lauren walks up to the screen, points to them and makes little animal sounds. That being said, I didn’t realize how difficult going a week without access would be. The first couple of days were pretty nice. I unpacked our suitcases. I played with Lauren out on the deck. I read. But then I started getting twitchy. I wanted to check out what was in my reader. I missed seeing the pictures that my twitter friends post of their kids. I missed chatting with my family and friends.

Lauren loves running on our deck

Now, I’m all connected again and am thankful to see I have a reader that is chock full of updates that will take me a week or more to read (1000+! Yikes!!) and that twitter is still buzzing with pictures of the most adorable babies I have ever seen.

I’m still not sure exactly what I’m going to use my space here for but I’m happy to be back and connected. Homesickness has hit me really hard the last few days and as corny as it sounds, the internet makes me feel closer to home.

Giggle monster running

Giggle monster running


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